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Westin Wellness Domes.

1 Wellness Dome.

5 locations.

7 concepts.

12 days of wellness.

The mission:

To bring Westin’s wellness to the busy people of Dubai, encouraging them to eat well, play well, move well, feel well and work well.

The moment:

One activation dome that popped up around town, and like a programmatic ad, tailored its activation concept to the wellness need of the moment.

The magic:

Instead of bringing people to the property, we brought the wellness features to them, in the middle of their daily lives where they'd value it most.

Where the whole tribe can take a break from the craziness of life – even if it’s just for an hour or so. - RETAIL AND LEISURE INTERNATIONAL
Designed to help people feel the “joy of missing out” by encouraging guests to switch off their phones, disconnect and recharge - COMMERCIAL INTERIOR DESIGN
If you’re a workaholic who barely gets the time to relax, unwind and sit still- there’s a dome for you, if you’re a parent looking for some family time with the kiddos, there’s a dome for you, if you need to get back in touch with your health and learn about nutritious food, well guess what? There’s most definitely a dome for that too. - LOVIN' DUBAI
Everyone deserves to feel well, sleep well, eat well, work well, play well and move well- and these domes do just that. - LOVIN 'DUBAI


70K unique on-site visitors, with collective visibility and reach multiple times that.


2k in-depth engagements.


Droves of new Marriott BonVoy members.


A hit rate that shattered industry benchmarks for digital engagement.