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Vuse F1

A global launch at the region's biggest race, bringing together creativity and racing, debuting the global Vuse vape brand for the first time while letting local creators know the brand is here to supercharge their careers.

The mission:

To launch the vape brand Vuse at the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. How? By becoming the hottest and most disruptive event at F1.

The meaning:

Marry the world of race with the Vuse DNA of empowering creativity, through a supercharged mix of historic collaborations on the livery design of the collab combined with local art galleries, housed in our party yacht, connecting local creators with global F1.

The moment:

An actual F1 take-over where visitors became part of 'the creative state' a movement that left attendees wanting more creativity while those that missed the boat learned the true definition of FOMO.

Not just once:

Because of the impact of year 1, we repeated and expanded the activation over the years, becoming a staple in the F1 nightlife scene, including an annual takeover of nightlife hotspot Iris, a glittering series of car livery-reveals, and of course the fully fitted yacht experience for guests, with local art, graffiti, music, activations, installations, fashion and other activations coming together with flavor, product trial, and world-class talent.

A 'passport' allowed people to join the Creative State, a movement that gave them first-dibs on new product and a special at-home Whatsapp delivery option only available to brand insiders.
An innovative tech creator helped bring to life a brain scanner that helped map the emotional impact of different flavors - does Mango make you happy? Dark Cherry make you energized? Find out with this unique activation.
Fashion customization with veteran master tailor Ruche Van Heerden gave people a chance to make their own swag, rather than standard merch.

Results + impact:

Abu Dhabi F1 was never quite the same after the invasion of the Creative State, launching the Vuse brand to the world. Some stats from year 1 of the iconic activation series alone:


We redefined F1 activations thanks to approach that paid tribute to McLaren and F1 while introducing our own subversive creative revolution to the glamor.


We became one of F1's most popular destinations, a money-can't-buy ticket that outshone the hottest clubs.


38 million impressions.