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The Blending Room by Chivas

A brand moment that brought together experiential trial and the culture in a unique blend of hip-hop meeting whisky connoisseurship.

The mission:

To bring together a blended icon with new success, for an old brand trying to break into a new generation of elder millennials with diverse ideas of success.

The meaning:

This was one of the first times the Chivas brand ventured out of traditional nostalgic luxury and into an urban space. The blend had to be just right.

The moment:

The Blending Room. With a range of ambassadors from across 'new success' mediums, we brought together the iconic hip-hop producer Just Blaze, our local ambassadors from art, music, fashion, and more, and celebrate the entreprenuerial spirit that binded these diverse people in their pursuit of success.

Oh, and one more thing:

We made experiential trial the hero of it all, with an iconic red room that had people booking tastings for all to see, but not hear, thanks to a headphones and some charismatic individuals.


Guided trial experiences were booked out for the entire weekend in the first hour of the event.


UGC far outstripped previous event benchmarks, showing that bringing culture and commerce together with the change-driven ambassadors really delivered talkability.


Even the 'old guard' customers of the brand lauded the shift to a more diverse crowd with a fresher take on what it means to succeed in life.