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reebok | pyer moss

The collab that redefined Reebok at the region's leading streetwear festival.

The mission:

The launch the latest edition of the Reebok x Pyer Moss collection at Sole DXB.

The meaning:

The future creative director of Reebok, working with Kerby Jean-Raymond and bringing him to the region meant everything to a group obsessed with his signature style and authenticity.

The moment:

A walk-through-the-logo space that housed minimalist, high-end product display along with a talks space to turn this into a cultural hub at the festival. Oh, and the man himself visited, bringing wisdom wherever he went and hosting panels + talks.

Results + impact:

The impact of this moment was felt not just across KSA, but the world. Before this iconic location had even reopened after lockdown, we’d launched a live hype drop like no other with both commercial and PR impact.