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hellmann's | sauce it up.

Showing foodies that Hellmann's is more than mayo

The mission:

To not just create brand awareness, but also increase brand love for Hellmann's by educating consumers on its large variety of sauces. Basically, show them Hellmann's is more than the beloved mayo.

The meaning:

We customized a caravan and turned it into a branded sauce mobile at 4 different food vendor spots, inviting visitors to sauce it up at our pop up! Afterward.. we upped our game and hit Taste of Dubai & Abu Dhabi — because we know where all the serious foodies flock to.

The moment:

This was no ordinary sauce truck. No, we were as serious about this pop up as we were about Hellmann's sauces. The experience included: a trivia wheel spinner, music, bottle juggling, games, merch, a sauce mixologist and more! To top it off, consumers got to create their own perfect saucy blend.

Results + impact:


10,000+ individual engagements


Thousands of samples gives at key food festival moments


2,550 trivia spinners


2,350 consumers created their unique recipes


900 personalized sauces created