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nahdi | wazen hayatak.

Bringing wellness to the Saudi public, one pillar at a time.

Move - Wellness Unveiled
Nourish - Wellness Unveiled
Hyrdrate - Wellness Unveiled
Rest - Wellness Unveiled

The mission:

To help Nahdi Pharmacy, the largest pharmacy chain in the GCC, expand their Wazen plan into a contest, platform, and purpose-driven engagement series for the year.

The meaning:

Nahdi promises to bring (heart)beats to people's lives. We had to deliver that, so we wanted to show action on that front, lengthening the lives of the average Saudi, making wellness work for them and their culture.

The moment:

We created campaign and activation platform for Wazen Hayatak for the year, through a challenge that encouraged Saudis to lose a collective 100 tons of body weight through a balanced, measured, attainable approach.

Nahdi | Wazen Hayatak