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commercial bank of qatar.

TV and online films to tell locally resonant stories for Qatar's own financial giant.

The mission:

Create content for Ramadan that sets CBQ apart as a local yet progressive partner for the Qatari community on the occasion of the holy month.

The meaning:

Food (particularly iftar time) and breaking the fast is a big part of Ramadan and brings people together. We wanted to depict a scenario around the moment that broke stereotypes while honoring traditions, a careful balance between progressive and paying tribute to the holiday's family qualities.

The moment:

We created a film that broke from the expectations of the moment by featuring a male Qatari protagonist cooking, with an emotional twist on how he learned that recipe to give the story depth. By flipping gender roles in a culturally respectful and resonant way, we made a progressive content piece that honored the nature of young Qataris to move forward while still appreciating where they come from.