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the escalade's 25th anniversary

marking the 25th anniversary of the of the Cadillac Escalade, five generations later

The mission:

Celebrating the 5 generations of the luxury SUV and reveal the new model set to debut globally with media and influencers.

The meaning:

Bringing together commerce and culture in unique way that brings the powerful, luxury and iconic status of the Escalade to life through an immersive musical dining experience.

The moment:

5 generations, 5 courses, 5 tracks. The ultimate combination of music culture and American flair. A nod to the Escalade's iconic presence in the hip hop world. An ultra luxurious fine-dining experience where each course corresponds to a musical selection from the era of one of the five generations.

Results + impact:

A unique and bespoke memorable fine dining experience for the influencers in attendance and region wide coverage with impactful KPIs achieved for the launch of the newest generation of the Cadillac Escalade.


6.8 million reach on social media channels


2.3 millions views across influencer content


25 mega and micro influencers