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adidas sole dxb 2018.

To launch an adidas Originals-meets-Performance pop-up at Sole DXB that would demand attention at the region's top culture festival, attracting passionate sneakerheads and sports enthusiasts alike - while driving both sales and love.

Adidas Sole dxb
Adidas Sole dxb
Adidas Sole dxb

How we did it:

We went BIG! With the first-ever four-story structure at Sole DXB, we had it all: 4 of the UAE’s hottest DJ’s, World champ football freestylers, street football and rap battles, a creative studio, a retail shop & more.

The meaning:

With over 17k+ visitors at the adidas pop-up in just 3 days, we experienced record-breaking sales and became a highlight of the region's leading urban streetwear, fashion & art event.

Floor-by-floor breakdown:

  1. Street style, DXB-style
  2. Creator Space - where master tailors help you mash up vintage and fresh gear into something new
  3. Panna / street football cage (fully playable for 3v3) + a sport-smart barbershop
  4. A lounge looking down on the football action below, with a bar and the best view in town
Adidas Sole DXB

stereotypes smashed.

Our smashroom activation on day 1 (the VIP preview day) let stereotypes be smashed; this space was replaced on the public days of the festival but a public art installation, a mirrored room with the 'smashed' high heel chosen as an icon of gendered expectations by our influencer crew, and inside we revealed the Falcon. By connecting the drop to the empowerment moment, we helped solidify the advertising done by adidas globally, choosing powerful female ambassadors who chose style comfort and self-expression instead of other people's expectations for them.

Adidas Sole dxb
Adidas Sole dxb
Adidas Sole dxb

one brand; two marks.

Besides being a big cultural moment, this was a unique intersection of the brands' performance and original logos, two sides of the brand that usually don't mix in the same space. To emphasize and celebrate culture and sport coming together in the mash-up space, we turned a 3 story facade into a lenticular transitional artwork, switching from one logo to the other depending where you saw it from.

A simple design Logo
Adidas Sole dxb