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adidas SL20

A shoe faster than anything needed a space that proved it

The mission:

Launch the adidas SL20 collection in KSA and the UAE—the adidas way: high-energy, unapologetically bold and undeniably fast, proven with experiential trial.

The moment:

We created a mall installation (in both cities) that demanded attention and piqued the curiosity of all— driving sales, experiential trial, brand awareness and data capture in 10 days.

The how:

In just 48 hours we built a unique 8x8m installation that offered gamification, creative product displays, trials...... and limited merch with designs created on the spot by a talented calligraphy artist.

Step 1: Register, get your slot and pick your 'faster than' challenge on the interface.
Step 2: Run! Are you faster than the challenge you picked? Prove it!
Step 3: Brag and show off with customizable swag that lets your write what you are faster than.