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adidas pulseboost HD

Experiential running sneaker trials with a gamified edge.

The mission:

To show that the new Pulseboost running shoes work even on twists, turns and every kind of surface, the perfect urban runner for the day to day.

The meaning:

Running is usually very clean, focused on tracks and running appropriate locations. Not this shoe; made for the dirt, the dust, the surfaces and sweaty slogs through the city, we wanted to make running urban, cool, and gritty, reflecting the conditions most runners in the region actually face.

The moment:

A running game that used gamification and a running-on-the-spot game along with a gorgeous set of urban inspired multi-surfaced design elements and hacked street signs to create an empowering, playfully competitive game with an urban vibe, making running accessible and real to a generation of urban runners in Saudi Arabia and the UAE.