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saranghae KSA

From Korea to Jeddah and the world.
Welcome to Saudi's first K-Pop Festival

The mission:

Create the first-ever K-Pop music festival in KSA. In partnership with Jeddah Seasons, we developed the IP, concept and introduced Saranghae KSA 2022 to the nation and world.

The meaning:

We were able to give all K-pop fans and the younger generation, a unique three-day experience they never expected but always hoped for, full of fun, music, food, and fandom.

The moment:

With games, activations, authentic Korean street food, and a star-studdend K-Pop line-up, over 11k attendees were transported to Korea from the heart of Jeddah.

'I really can’t describe how I feel now. It feels like a dream I have been waiting to live in real life.' Festival attendee GHAZAL MAZEN to ARAB NEWS