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adidas UB19

A pop-up like no other for a running shoe like no other. Enter, the gigantic shoe boxes that popped up across KSA and the UAE, bringing experiential trial, next-level customization, and running magic to life.

The mission:

To launch the most innovative running shoe of the future, adidas Ultra Boost 19, in the region, while also creatively transforming the region's perception of running.

The idea:

Turn a gigantic shoebox into an activation space like no other... in the popular and crazy-busy Dubai Mall. While we knew the UB19 looked great, we needed people to experience the shoes first-hand, putting the brand's bold claims to the test...which would undoubtedly BOOST sales.

The elements:

1. The ultra boost lab: where the shoe was taken apart and the premium materials used were highlighted.

2. The trial by treadmill: letting people take the shoes for a test run while virtually escaping their surroundings.

3. Ask-a-runner: let actual adidas runners lead the retail experience by offering tips and insights that would benefit aspiring runners while encouraging sales.

4. Boosted in-real-time merch: offering visitors next-level customization on product.

Results + impact:

With high sales, the spillover effect of the custom packaging (drawstring bags), the runner community integrations, and the next-level of personalization and customization, the shoeboxes were a huge success. This led to a second implementation in Saudi Arabia, following the Dubai Mall ice rink pop-up.