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adidas | run for the oceans.

Turning steps into cleaner oceans, one stunt, activation, and run at a time.

The mission:

To launch the global adidas initiative, Run For The Oceans, on a regional level with the aim to drive local environmental change through organized runs— stressing the seriousness of plastic waste in the oceans and underlining adidas' role in cleaning it up through product, people, and commitments.

The idea:

To cover as much ground as possible, we created various touch points across Dubai. As the sky is the limit, we first took over the tallest building of Dubai: Burj Khalifa. Then we launched a thought-provoking art installation in D3 and educated the next generation. We cleaned up trash while we ran in the Wadis with a grand finale run on the Palm.

The moment:

Together with the countless helpful and like-minded participants, we created a sport community with a cause. All determined to do their part. Healthy oceans, healthy people.

Oh and one more thing:

In Design District, we created a design installation that made a huge statement, both in its thought-provoking design and in how we made it. In line with sustainability goals, it was created from over 95% scrap material, leftover production off-cuts and materials sourced from local industry, forming the 'belly of a whale' filled with locally plastic recyclables (which we directed to responsible recycling partners). The stand materials were not only upcycled, they were forwarded for further recycling with a responsible local partner.

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