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In the absence of live experiences, there is an unprecedented need for brands and companies to create genuine and lasting connections with their consumers and stakeholders. Together with forward-thinking brands we are re-imagining the consumer experience and pushing the boundaries of technology and creativity. The sweetTech team provides solutions to help your company continue the conversation with your consumers.
we provide solutions to help your company continue the conversation with your consumer
virtual events. live experiences. hybrid activations.
*live streaming solutions
*virtual exhibitions
*virtual conferences
*virtual award shows
*augmented reality
*live stream shopping
*digital product sampling
*digital storefronts
*next generation photo booth
We embrace technology to enhance audience engagement, hit home your key message and ensure brand love. We are equally at home in the virtual, augmented and mixed realities.
The Brief:

Al Fakher, one of the world's largest shisha manufacturers wanted to ensure their virtual presence at ShishaMesse 2020 would be the star of the show.


Inspired by the visual language of the real world exhibition experience, we re-imagined the consumer journey for the digital space.


Simple hotspots allowed guests to explore the new product catalogue, country videos and quizzes along with knowledge sessions from some of the top shisha masters in the world.
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We work in virtual, augmented and mixed realities. These technologies will amplify your locations and create consumer engagement in retail, at events and in the digital space.

adidas recently challenged us to give Egypt's football fans something to cheer about during the African cup of nations hosted in the country.


We gave them exactly what they wanted, the opportunity to stand next to their hero and the country's icon, Mo Salah. Available only in adidas stores but shared with the world.


Our interactive video booth not only allowed fans to do exactly this, they could also gain instant bragging rights by sending the video and associated stickers to their friends.
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Other technology that we've pioneered in the region and are famous for.
Robokeeper continues to be a crowd-favorite. There is something unique about shooting a penalty against a robotic unit that appears invincible at times. And don't take our word for it: just ask Lionel Messi, Mo Salah, Neymar and so many others that couldn't stop trying to beat Robo. Fun for everyone of all ages and a stellar favorite for football activations but also for family days and in-mall experiences.

German-made 360 TIES bullet-rig is special. A bullet-rig that produces some the most outstanding high-quality content on the market, is almost completely customizable and engages consumers in a fun and creative way: a winning combination providing content worth sharing.

Together with Advanced Radio Mapping we provide our clients the tools to be able to measure and analyze traffic at their activation, their exhibition stands or even their retail store. Utilizing one or more of these GDPR compliant sensors allows us to capture personal identifiable information (PII) in an anonymous manner we can provide us and clients valuable data to ensure we deliver on the campaign objectives.
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our tech solution partners
(modern problems require modern solutions)
We work with only the most trusted technical partners and platforms in the world. Our team prides itself in stream stability and 100% redundancies across all channels used.

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