nothing will replace
live experiences. period
For so many brands the live customer experience is integral to their marketing strategy. Often this is the only time when they have the opportunity to truly interact with their consumers.
And this is where the team at sweetwater comes in. We have decades of experience in the live world across the region and the world, offering the full range of services in this space.
sampling & roadshow
products to the people
Most brands waste valuable marketing dollars because they don't know how to engage audiences with the right comm's, assets and rewards, or even where to target. This is where our extensive knowledge in sampling is key to success.

Our key skill is in curating creative concepts that fundamentally engage shoppers, taking them to a new emotional level about your brand, most of all driving them to action.

We deliver effective sampling, roadshows and demonstrative programs across all GCC markets, bringing to life your brand's ethos by pushing the boundaries of the retail experience.
live baby, live!
Technology is evolving at an incredible pace as is your attendee's expectations of their experience at your event. We offer invaluable expertise in providing turnkey MICE events in the GCC and around the globe.

We design disruptive experiences with a flexible work flow approach that garners original thinking, getting your attendees talking and producing results that speak volumes.

Led by our highly experienced project managers and our team of trusted partners - we deliver flawless experiences from start to finish.
bring your brand
to life
Interested in sponsoring a sporting event or music festival but not sure where to start?

With decades of experience in acquiring and activating sponsorship assets, we can assist you with media amplification, content generation, hospitality management and logistics to create innovative on-ground brand experiences.

Speak to the experts at sweetwater, we provide turn-key services so all you have to do is enjoy the show.
go live with us.
Join us for an espresso, let's talk about brand activation and energy marketing, send us a brief, meet the team or just come hang-out on our roof top.
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