Great design permeates everything we do here at sweetwater, from an influencer seeding box through to a full omnichannel campaign.

We support our clients throughout the complete design process ensuring attention to detail, a high level of craft and a little touch of disruption thrown in for good measure.

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Jinan KSA
How to mix modern design with local heritage.
it's all in the roots
How to create a contemporary Saudi garden center. A brand that is as true to the gardener, as it is to the country. A place where people at all levels of horticultural knowledge can come together and learn - organically. A haven for plants to grow as well as individuals.
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How to brand a street culture event in KSA and make it locally relevant.
culture+ hype
We created a street culture festival that stays locally relevant in a scene which is constantly in flux. The design and branding encourages local grassroots adoption of its heroes and mentors, all the while reaching out to the global audience. We manage to keep the identity true by hinting at the past, while being aware of the constant changes of the road ahead.
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Maiden Shanghai
How to convey authentic Shanghai while your location is 4000 miles away.
it's way closer than you think
We infused the spirit of centuries old traditions in one of the most tech savvy cities in the world. The design and the mood was meticulously thought of, so you can say "you've been here forever, when you only opened your doors a few days ago".
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